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Discovering W.I.S.E. Podcast

Aug 21, 2021

Today we are diving into how to manage a world full of constant distraction. It's hard to make a list of priorities because, it seems, that everything is a priority. So how do we become better at handling our own personal chaos? I have 10 suggestions in this week's episode, along with a free walk-along, available...

Aug 14, 2021

My dear friend Christine Jensen is here to tell a story of a strong calling in her life. A calling she dumped everything she had into only to come up short in the end. What then? Christine walks you through her journey and how she emerged with grace and strength, and how you can, too.

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Aug 7, 2021

I find how God wired us to be so fascinatingly complex! And one way to get into our personal wiring is to take self-assessments. But I often warn people not to pigeonhole someone based on their results. But can they give us some general direction? Yes! Let's dive in!

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